What the Headaches Reveal About Your Health and How This Can Be Cured?

Unfortunately, all of us have experience with the headaches. Headaches can be of several different types and people show some signs when this happens, but often the doctor misdiagnoses this.

Usually, there are 4 types and all signal something about the body. You can learn all the signals and it will help you to remove headaches.

Sinus headache

If you have a sinus inflammation, you can experience a sinus headache that causes severe pain. These headaches are a consequence of an infection, and may lead to a pressure that can be felt on the cheeks, eyes and forehead, as well as a fever.

Treatment: Sinus inflammation may be reduced by drinking warm water or tea. Also you should eat oranges and vitamin C foods, green tea, lemon, and antioxidants. Also have cold and hot compresses, eat soup, fresh ginger and remove pain and inflammation this way.

Tension headache

This is the most usual headache. It is accompanied by head pressure, back and neck pain and temples pain. Also this might make pain that is above eyes. This can cause vomiting and nausea and is due to stress and muscle contraction in the scalp and neck.

Cure: To treat this type of headache you should mix mint oil and ginger tea. Add mint oil in the hairline area to cool it off and relax the head muscles. Ginger tea also can remove inflammation.

Cluster headache

This headaches is characteristic for women. It is distinctive can appear on one eye. this can reoccur and can appear in a group of clusters. It is sudden and in one side of the head. You might feel nasal congestion, runny nose and more. And this happens when nerve pathway is activated in the brain.

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Cure: Put a small quantity of capsaicin cream topically in the nostril on the side where you feel pain. This will stop the nerve pain signals.


Migraines are most common for the population between 25 and 55 years. Symptoms of this headache include intense, recurring and severe pain on the left or right side of the head, visual problems, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, numbness, and sensitivity to light, sound, smell, and touch.

Cure: If you have migraine you should take omega 3 fat acids, B12 and magnesium.