Warning: If You Happen to See These Insects in Your Home, Go to a Doctor Right Away!


Centers for Disease, Control, and Prevention warns the American people about a bug called Triatomine. This bug is also known as the ‘kissing bug’ which is deadly. This bug maybe not look dangerous but it actually transmits a parasite known as Trypanosoma cruzi. It can causes Chagas disease. These bugs are normally concentrated in the southern part of United States, Mexico, Central America and South America. Around 8 million people get affected by this parasite around the world.

Unfortunately, the symptoms aren’t visible immediately. The symptoms will be visible two months after the bug has come in contact with the body. The most common symptoms are fever, enlarged lymph glands, headaches, muscle pain, difficulty breathing, etc. Because these signs are very similar to flu, it’s difficult to find the reason at first.The victims usually don’t feel ill and they don’t look for medical care. But it could cause even heart disease in around 30% of the individuals affected.

The infected individual can have skin lesions or swollen eyelids. Also, 10% of people who have been diagnosed said that they experienced digestion issues, whereas 30% reported cardiac problems. Nowadays there are no immunizations for this disease. Luckily when it detected early and treated properly it can be cured.

The CDC says that these bugs are living in cracks and holes inside and outside areas including:

  • Under the porches
  • Amid rocky objects
  • Beneath cement
  • Under the bark, rock, wood or brush bunches
  • In the nests of rodents and animal burrows
  • In the dog’s houses or kennels
  • In chicken roosts
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To protect from these bugs you should :

  • Close the cracks and burrows around your windows, doors, walls and ceilings
  • To eliminate brush, rocks and wood near your house
  • Placing protection on your doors and windows and mending cracks and burrows
  • Keep the yard lights further from your house
  • Allow your pet to sleep inside at night
  • Maintain the hygiene in your house and your pet’s cennel

Note: Remember not to rub the bitten area as the risk of the disease spreading is increased because the bug defecates in the bite, and the feces infect the bite with the deadly parasite.
You must be extremely careful with these bugs!!