Warning: Four Members of a Family Died After the Woman Made a Simple Mistake With A Potato!!


Potatoes are delicious food that can be used for so many recipes. Unfortunately, in some cases it can be fatal for your life.
So important for you is that you have potatoes in your home to stand for some time, you may have to throw out. Below we will explain you why it is terrifying!

Marija Chelisheva, 8-year-old girl from Russia became an orphan in 2014 her family dies in the basement of an old toxic potatoes. When her father went to the basement to get potatoes, he never returned. Mari’s mother went to the basement to find him, but she never returned.

The same thing happened to the Mari brothers, and finally with his grandmother. Mari grandmother had earlier called neighbors for help, but when the neighbors arrived, the woman was already alone in the basement and suffered the same terrible fate as the rest of the family, except Mary.

These four deaths was caused by potatoes which contain glicoalkaloids, a chemical compound that is also found in poisonous plants. It makes potato, naturally toxic, not only when you eat, but also by inhalation of its chemicals.

Fortunately Marija’s mother had left the door open so the gas dissipated little, so when Marija looked for her family in basement the gas was not dangerous anymore.

This story that happened to Mary’s family is absolutely heartbreaking and sad. But we hope that their story will serve as a warning to you about the dangers of rotten potatoes.

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