UNBELIEVABLE When You Read This You Will Never Again Throw Away Coffee Residue


Waking up to the smell of coffee is the best way to wake up your senses and start your day!

Not only does it prepare and fill us up with energy so that we can finish up our daily tasks, while drinking coffee there is some coffee bean residue that is super helpful for getting rid of bad smell and dirt, but it can also be used to make plants grow faster and also to make all the unwanted animals go away from your garden.

In the rest of text find out how you can use the coffee residue in your household today!

If you want to prevent bad fridge smell, just put dry pounded coffee in it! Coffee will pick up all the smells so you can put it in a box that has holes and put that in the fridge. Replace the coffee every two weeks.

Cleaning the fireplace

Before you decide to clean your fireplace, you should put some wet pounded coffee over the ash. The humidity will connect to the small dust particles and prevent their dispersal around the apartment when you clean the fireplace. A simple way to prevent an even bigger mess!

Helps get rid of hard stains

Don’t have a wire sponge? For getting rid of hard stains off of burnt pots and dirty plates use pounded coffee residue!

Makes flowers grow faster

Pounded coffee residue is still full of nutrients that can be used as fertilizer for plants which are used to acidic soil. Put some coffee residue on the rose bushes, rhododendron, evergreen plants and camellia grounds and watch your plants grow.

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It acts as an excellent product for piling

When making homemade soap remember the pounded grains of coffee! Not only will it remove the bad smell, bits of coffee will act as a gentle and fragrant scrub.

Gets rid of the garlic smell of your fingers

When cooking, food can leave a strong smell on your hands. Cleaning garlic or fish are especially problematic but keep a little pounded coffee by the sink, washyour hands, and rinse with water to remove the bad smell.

Facilitates composting

Coffee in its composition contains of a small percentage of nitrogen, which stimulates the growth of beneficial microorganisms and thus helps composting!

Gets rid of bad smell in shoes

Dry coffee residue put into an old sock, tie it up and out it in your shoes to stay overnight so that the residue can pick up all the unwanted odors. You can also do this for your wardrobe.

Gets rid of unwanted cats from your garden

Cats make you angry because they wander in your garden that you worked so hard for. You can combine coffee residue and some orange peels so that you will get a mix that has a strong smell and throw it all over your garden. Cats won’t like that smell and will walk past your garden, leaving your plants alone.