This Woman Made Breakfast For Their Children and Kills Them By a Mistake We All Make! Share This With Everyone You Know!

Mothers want to prepare breakfast for their children so that they eat healthier instead of fast food or unhealthy snacks at school. This is a important for the children and their growth. However, even mommies can make mistakes that they will regret for the rest of their lives.

Josefina is a woman from Mexico. She had two children, Agustin, 8 and Maria, 6. One day, before they went to school, she decided to prepare them breakfast. She decided to make them eggs and ham tortillas and fresh orange juice. When the breakfast was done,she woke up the children and told them to wash up, get dressed, and come down to eat.

Josefina was preparing the table when Maria came down and said that Agustin hasn’t come out yet and she needs to go to the bathroom. Josefina went upstairs, told him to stop playing and let his sister wash up. The little boy came out and his sister went into the bathroom. In the meantime, Josefina got a text from her husband. Her husband was still sending texts while Josefina was preparing the table, and she managed to answer all of them. The children was ate well and were ready for school at 7:45.

Two hours later, Josefina got a call from the school informing her that her children were sent to the hospital. They said that the children feeling sick and feverish. In the same moment, Josepina and her husband went to the hospital and received the news that the doctors were unable to reduce the temperature in the children.

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Doctors told them that the children are in bad condition. Unfortunately, they couldn’t control their fever which was probably caused by a bacterium known as salmonella. This type of bacterium is present in many foods, and was now destroying the children’s organs! After that, they make some test, to be sure about the results. The tests showed that the bacterium came from the breakfast. After analysis of how the mother prepared the lunch and what she was doing in the meantime, they came to the conclusion that the bacterium was transferred from the mobile phone into the food.

Josefina was shocked. It is not easy to know that you are the culprit for her children’s sickness. To make matters worse, the children couldn’t be saved and Josefina was devastated because she lost her children because of her mistake.

Josefina’s sad story should serve as a warning that mobile phones should not be used during food preparation , because they can lead to infections that may have fatal consequences.