This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Eating Processed Food !


In this article we will share with you some information about an interesting theme – what is happens in your body when you stop eating processed food.
All of us know that eating healthy food is “good for us and our health” Also the food that we put into our bodies has an instrumental effect on our mental, physical, and emotional health. The foods we eat have power to manipulate our gut health, our hormones, and our brain function.

Do you know that when we eat healthy, the first benefits of it can begin seeping into our bodies in as little as 20 minutes.

If this information looks interesting to you, please continue reading to see what is happens in your body after 4 hours and even after 3 days.

In 20 Minutes: Your Gut Starts Healing

A professor of medicine at the University of Iowa, Terry Wahls says that the bacteria that living in our bowels divide every 20 minutes. He says that it means that what we eat is continuously either fertilizing the health-promoting bacteria or the disease- promoting bacteria, minute by minute. Opting for a clean diet fosters the former.

In 4 Hours: You’ll Experience Healthier Brain Function

Our brain is connected to our gut, so the food we eat can impacts our brain within hours, precisely for 4 hours. When we eat more sugar it means more inflamation ,whereas, more vegetables means less inflamation, a sharpened intellect and normally more energy.

In 3 Days: Your Hormones Will Stabilize

Miracle in your body will happen just 72 hours after starting a clean diet. Do you know what means “clean diet” ? It means balanced carbs, a lot of plants and no more processed foods. With this diet your insulin and cortisol will normalize. You will have more energy and the belly fat will disappear .

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