This 86-Year-Old Woman Had A Hunchback For Over 10 Years… This is How Two Years Later She Was Able To Do A HeadStand (VIDEO)


A lot of years, Anna Pesce, had been living with some disease such as herniated disc, scoliosis and osteoporosis. So, this 86-year-old grandmother walked around with a hunchback. Her condition got even worse in 2014 when Anna nearly collapsed trying to climb a set of stairs while visiting her children.

“I had this horrible pain shooting up my back. I had to be carried up the stairs and put into a wheelchair for the rest of my stay.”- she told the New York Post.

She trying acupuncture and visiting a chiropractor but without getting any result. After that, she decided to get help from a certified yoga instructor who specializes in back care. The instructor’s name is Rachel Jesien.

Ana and Rachel began to meet once a week. Rachel learned invigorating Anna poses as chair and savasana pose child. Within a month, Ana was able to walk!

“After two months, another major step was to [Ana] knew what represents that works every time you come to a common pain for her,” said Rachel. “For example, if you had a hip pain, she would sit on a chair and perform the ankle-to-knee pose.”

And that’s not all, the gains did not stop there! Four months later, Ana was even able to do a modified headstand!

Do you believe that this is the same 85-year-old who, just months prior, couldn’t walk on her own? Maybe modern medicine would say that this is a miracle, but yogis know that this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of yoga benefits!

When you get proper guidance and certified instruction, yoga can also help increase bone density, strengthen muscles and relieve back pain, says Rachel.

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In 2010 Rachel herself discovered yoga for back care when she experiences the tremendous healing effects yoga to heal scoliosis he had in her back. Like Anna, prior to her yoga practice, she had tried almost everything her doctor recommended and yoga was the only solution that provided real long-term benefit.