The Secret to All-Day Energy? Jump Start Your Morning Routine !!!

Do you a part of people who have no energy in the morning ? If you are, we are sure that every morning you imagine how some people get up from bed early, put their sneakers on and do their exercise routine.

Can you understand the morning people who woke up with a smile on their face ? Maybe you can and moreover you want to be like them.

If you want to be like them follow these 5 tips to kick-start your morning exercise routine.

1. Accept the negativity

The first and most important thing you should do is thinking positive. By this, I mean that you have to acknowledge all the negative thoughts that you might be having and accept them. Then, anytime when your brain will tries to make an excuse why you cannot exercise today, you will immediately recognize that and instead do something positive.

 2.  Do the prep work

Every night, before you going to sleep you shoul prepare your workout clothes, water bottle and your pre-working meal. So, when you wake up in the morning and see them you will know what you should do. Then, give yourself an extra hour and use it for exercise. This is a good way to motivating you because you will have no excuse for not being able to exercise.

  3. Join a class or group

If you are not motivated enough to do your exercise alone you should join a group because by doing this you will know that you have to show up to an already set time. You will feel the need to always be on time and be better than your peers.

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4. You need to be decisive

When you go to bed, fisrt promise yourself that you are going to work out and you should not let anything change it. This will keep your vision of tomorrow clearer and you will probably stick to the plan.

5. Start a behavioral chain reaction

The great motivator in order to start your day as planned is to make a plan for your day. In this plan you should write all your obligations you should do next day. One of these obligations is the morning exercise. And you have to do that obligation in order to move on to another. So, If you skip a workout you will break the chain of events planned for the day.