The Horrifying Reason Why Hairstylists Say You Should NEVER Dye Your Hair This Color

All the people in the world were born with a natural hair color, but with the age, you start developing your own style and you want to change your hair color. If you are natural blonde it’s easy to dye hair since the hair is already a light color. But the dark colored girl has a problem with it.

Nowadays, the pastels are in, so a lot of people want to dye their hairs. If you are darker the entire hair appointment can take hours and in extreme cases, days.

The hairdresser can bleach your hair a few times before they getting the desired shade, but the price for this treatment is enormous. Not everyone is comfortable to pay hundreds of dollars for new hair.

The experts recommended to not dye your hair at home. Maybe you save money, but you can do big harm to your hair.
‘Box dyes contain chemicals that don’t mix well with other salon chemicals… Whatever you try to do to FIX what this does after you use it, will melt your hair off. I have seen it with my own eyes many times before,’ says hairstylist Sydniiee Oliveira.

She also said: ‘Literal heating, smoking, and melting of the hair because [boxed dye] was on it before a color correction had to be done… So use at your own risk and don’t be mad when we say ‘I told you so.’


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