Suppressed Medical Cures and Discovery’s

Suppressed Medical Cures and Discovery’s
New Medical Discoveries4

New Medical Discoveries4

The FDA and corporate health care giants have suppressed new medical discovery’s which can cure lots of diseases and avoid the death of millions. This is a medical tyranny that feeds off the death and pain of just about every American. Do not be fooled there’s a basic remedy for illness and there not talking about them for the indicates of population manage over the persons and their cash.
technology can also be met with arrogance among the medical community. Seek the Truth.

I’d ask for this information to become deemed and passed on to fellow patriots in need to have of assist in the health-related establishment. Recall to ask yourself is 50% improvement much better than 0%

New Medical Discoveries3

New Medical Discoveries3

Necessary Nutrients

Each day we need to consume 90 Essential Nutrients produced from uncommon plant derived earth vitamins and minerals with amino fatty acids. These minerals usually are not located in today’s overproduction farms and happen to be riped in the soil for the previous 100 years. This would generally be located inside your diet if we applied wood ashes in our gardens which would enable us to reside at the ages previous 100 years.

New Medical Discoveries2

New Medical Discoveries2

have already been curing ailments for animals for the previous 30 years and millions of Americans can not get a frequent intake of theses essential nutrients in there diet. This will do away with or increase 1000 ailments like diabetes, All timer’s, osteoporosis of the bones arthritis, varicose veins, acne, skin deformations, baldness and also PMS.

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Your body demands the materials in which to repair itself and any lack of those vitamins and minerals will lead to 1000 diseases like cancer.

Proargi-9 Plus

Proargi-9 Plus Mixed Berry consists of 5,000 mg of elemental pharmaceutical grade l-arginine. Inside the body, l- arginine is converted to nitric oxide, which relaxes the blood vessels. This reduces strain around the heart and im – proves circulation which can lessen plaques in the body.

New Medical Discoveries

New Medical Discoveries

It is Being named the Cure for all heart illness.

b17 Amygdalin

B17 is known to be the remedy for cancer. According to the all-natural poison identified inside a peach seed diet program that can kill cancer cells on make contact with. This is a vital come across for the fight against cancer. You could possibly need to reach out and acquire it from Mexico.


Carnivora is pure extract from the Venus flytrap plant. Carnivora has an unparalleled broad spectrum immuno-modulatory / antimicrobial properties.


Laminine assists regenerate aging cells even though totally nourishing unhealthy cells, supporting their restoration to their original state.Laminine can be a natural, synergistic super food that includes most known vitamins, essential traceminerals, all eight important amino acids as well as other nutritional elements.

This can be fantastic for the therapy of any nerve damage. The unwanted side effects happen to be identified to cuase short-term hot flashes and brief nerve discomfort but that may well just let you know its working within the body adjusting your cells as well as your PH level.

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Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia has been endorsed by Dr oz because the most strong weight-loss vitamin supplement from a rare earth fruit that grows in Asia. This can assist you burn fat and loos 5 to 20 pounds a month. It’s going to also inhibit the absorption of fat and turn it to power. Don’t forget to discover an authentic dealer within the USA.

Blood Electrification
Blood Electrification
by way of the SOTA Silver Pulser has the claim of curing aids and any virus in the blood stream by the implies of jolt Electrification of blood discovered inside the wrist. When your blood is electrified all the viruses and pathogens in that blood is not going to have the ability to reproduces itself therefore killing it over time.

There isn’t any surgical cutting of any sort the electric shock is applied more than the skin using a water lubricant more than two main artery’s of your wrist.

Colloidal Silver Option

Colloidal Silver through the SOTA Silver Pulser creates the smallest known colloidal silver to fight against viruses and pathogens. This is claimed to kill any virus and must be taken within moderation and can be just utilised as a wound disinfectant. It is possible to make your own personal Colloidal silver.

Abnormal makes use of is known to cause Blue skin. I’d use it when important using the assistance of other alternative remedies.

Clustered Water

Clustered Water via VIVO is an ultrapurified water treated with Cellular Hydration. This creates an atmosphere in which cells are hydrated extra successfully and antioxidant activity is considerably elevated.
Dr. Lee Lorenzen explains the
significance of extremely energized clean clustered frequency water should be to the body based on the creation model from the garden of Eden.

  Walking Barefoot Is Essential For Health

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is breathing air above 32 psi from our 14 psi atmosphere. This may force oxygen within the blood and increase wounds that won’t heal.

Carl Baugh states, within a oxygen chamber an electromagnetic pulse can heal cuts within hours. This Remains the important to rebuilding the garden of Eden for higher plant development and can double the size of any animal. This also makes the ideal environment to regrow a dinosaur with these days lizards.

Dont be fooled by the physician you could create a powerful space to boost the oxygen.


Cornucopia Superfood would be the worlds most highly effective vitamin and mineral human grade ionic super food for pets. It’ll make your pets reside pretty much 2wice as long. This meals is often consumed by humans and the positive aspects are very excellent.

IV Nutrient Therapy
IV Nutrient Therapy
is often a common intake of of nutrients introduced directly in to the Blood stream. Most typical of uses is filled with Vitamin C 25 grams every day

Lypo Spheric Vitamin C

Lypo Spheric Vitamin C is definitely an alternative oral intake of vitamin c into the physique to Iv vitamin C treatment. This can be taken without a medical doctor around 5 to 20 grams each day.

Men and women have cured cancer and leukemia with hi every day doses of vitamin c plus the effects might be noticed quite quick.