Shocking – She Was Convicted For Death, Liberated, And Lost Almost 400 kg!

Lost Weight

Lost Weight

In this article we will share with you a story of Mayra Lizbeth Rosales who was born in 1980. She has problem with the weight. Before 5 years she had 470 kg. Now she has only 90kg. The biggest problem in her life is when she was declared innocent for the death of her nephew Eliseo – with her the enormously big and grotesque body.

She told the police that she accidentally put to death two-year-old Eliseo by rolling on top of him while babysitting four years ago. Her 1,100lb frame became her defence – as investigators proved she was so heavy she could not have committed the crime.

But, all of this is not true. Her sister confessed that she was blame for the death of her son. She mistreated her child, yelled at him and batted him. Now she is sentenced on 15 years prison.

Although in 2009 she was in the world media and she was accused for the death of 2 years old Eliseo, in 2011 she was realised, because the scars of the head of the kid were a result of abuse, and not suffocation. Then she said that it is not her fault , but she wanted to help to her sister.

“Fortunately, the court was on the side of the justice” – said Mayra. When she was liberated, she begin to change her life. Now she eat fruits and veggies, with low intake of carbohydrates and fats.

‘Everything before this was not life and even now I see some things. I learn to move, to do some regular stuff like going to the shop. I get use from my new body. Now things are very different” – said Mayra

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To sum up. We can conclude that her life was a drama. From this perspective even she can not tell how she survived and lived life as the heaviest woman in the world. She was full with sorrow, helplessness, in bed and depending on the help of others.Now everything is different. She lose weights and she was not depend on anyone anymore.But losing weight is a huge and hard process. So, Mayra will have surgery and a gastric bypass will be installed in her body.