SHOCKING Commercial Will Change How You And Your Children Eat. EVERYONE Should See This!

Every single day we are bombarded with choices regarding what we can eat. There are fast food joints around every corner, vending machines in every office, and hours of Netflix waiting for us when we get home. This way of life is creating unhealthy habits for many of us, including our children.

Every parent tries to make their children healthy habits. But the fact is, it is far too easy to fall victim to an unhealthy habit. In order to keep families on the right track, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Strong4Life released the following video to remind parents about the importance of getting your family to eat healthy, make positive choices, and to get up and move around.

For example, in the healthcare’s latest commercial called Rewind the Future, it explains how the man whose life flashes right before his very eyes, all the unhealthy choices he made consciously or subconsciously throughout his life, all while he finds himself suffering from a heart attack at 32.

Unfortunately, the commercial is terrifying and heartbreaking. But the commercial is made to remind about the choices we can make to combat this very plugged in life many of us lead.

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