Prepare This Homemade Ant Repellent to Keep Ants Away from Your Home

With warm weather, and with the summer comes a lot of insects. I think that right now all of you thought about mosquitos. But, in this article we will write about the hard-working animals, about ants.
The ants can be so annoying when appearing at your house in high number. Luckily, you can quickly get rid of them with the help of the homemade ant repellent we present here.

Homemade Ant Repellent

Because of the harmful effects of insecticides in your house or garden, you should use peppermint essential oil to get rid of the annoying ants. But, this is not all. If you combine this oil with two other ingredients,you will get an efficient and safe ant repellant. You need sprinkle it around your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room where you expect ants to appear.

Do you know how this natural ant repellant works?
It works because ants can’t stand strong smells. It disrupts their scent trails and communication, covering their body with the essential oil mixture.

How to Make ?

4 ounces of water (120 ml)
30 drops peppermint essential oil
30 drops clove essential oil


First you should take one clean spray bottle. Then pour the water into it, and add the essential oils. Shake the mixture well and it is ready to use. Spray in every corner or area where ants usually appear. Repeat when needed.


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