If You See This Label On a Fruit, Do Not Buy It At Any Cost. Here’s Why!

Do you noted the labels on the fruit and vegetables ? We are sure that you do, but most of us do not know what the labels mean. They are very important because they are telling us what exactly we are consuming and as well as offering us plenty of information concerning the product we are buying.

The PLU code, or the number which is printed on the sticker, shows information about the way the fruit was grown. More specifically this number tells us if the product that we are intending to buy is genetically modified, organically grown, or packed with pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or fungicides.
Find Out What These PLU Codes Mean:

If the sticker has a 5-digit PLU code, which starts with the number 9, then it means that the produce is grown according to the USDA organic standards. In other words, it means that the produce is organically grown.

A 4-digit code which starting with the number 3 or 4 reveals that the product is packed with pesticides. It also suggests that the fruit or vegetable were conventionally grown.

A 5-digit codewhich is starting with the number 3 means that the produce were irradiated or electronically pasteurized.

5-digit PLU code starting with the number 8 reveals that the fruit or the veggie was genetically modified. The fruit or the vegetable cannot be organic if the seeds are genetically modified.

The PLU code starting with the number 6 tells that the product was pre-cut.

If the product have not a sticker with a PLU code and this may cause suspicion, but if you know the manufacturer, you should not worry about these codes on the stickers and labels.

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So, if the product does not have any label then this mean that it is not imported or the label has been removed for some reason, because all the imported veggies and fruits are labeled.