If You Have This Plant In Your Home, You Will Never Again See Spiders And Other Insects!

We are sure, although you love nature and animals, you don’t love insects especially in the home. All of us try to repel these creepy and yucky creatures with the chemicals but sometimes these products don’t do what they are supposed to and they are very harmful for the human health.

So, instead of buying expensive toxic chemicals, we recommended to you a natural remedy that will help you get rid of any kind of insect. The main ingredient of this remedy is mint. You know that mint has a strong and refreshing smell and it is used in various dishes throughout the whole world as well as for its medicinal properties. You can easily grow the mint in your own home and have a fresh supply in every moments.

This all-natural repellent will also make your home smell clean and fresh.

Insect repellant spray

You should take 5 parts of rubbing alcohol and 1 part of peppermint oil and put them in a spray bottle. The best way to use this mixture is before going outside to prevent insect bites.

Sachet bags

Put few mint leaves in sachet bags. You need to place these bags all around you home especially in the most problematic places.

Crushed mint leaves

If you want prevent ants just place some crushed dry mint leaves on the places they usually appear.Also, you can use mint tea bags in case you don’t have dry mint.

Protect your animals

You should protect your pets from insect bites. So, take some mint leaves and crush them so that the oils are released and then rub them on your pet’s fur.

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Mint plants
If you want prevent mosquitoes from bothering you, you should keeping potted mint in the house or in the garden. For the best result you can crush some of the leaves to make the scent stronger. To keep the mint growing for the next season, cut it to the ground at the end of the season and cover it with compost.