How to dye your hair to look younger than you really are ?


Do you know that just by changing your hair color you can look younger? Yes, you can!  The experts say that as we get older the color of our hair can be a defining factor in maintaining a healthy, youthful glow, and looking worn out. Also, they said that hair shades that are too dark or very dull and heavy can extremely change your look  – even if they are hiding a gray hair!

Below we will present some ways you can look younger just by changing your hair color.

1.For pale skin tones

For your skin, the best choice is the vibrant red color because it gives the appearance of younger, radiant skin. It reflects light onto the face and gives the illusion of a healthy glow.

2.For fair skin tones

If you have this type of skin you should opt for dark, luxurious shades of brown that help to give her a vibrant, youthful appearance. Also, a darker color will give your hair a glossy, light-reflecting shine that can make you look far younger than your age.

3.For pinky skin tones

Experts say that if you have pinky skin tones the best choice for you are the soft auburn gold tone.It looks interesting, healthy, glossy and is not too dark or too red which would be overpowering and therefore aging.”

4.For olive skin tones

The experts recommended a dark color for this skin tone. It makes your eyes stand out in the first plan. Also with this color, you will look younger.

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5.For dark skin tones

If your skin tone is dark you are blessed with the ability to pull off a much darker hair color as you get older. To make your skin look smoother and younger the best choice for you is a soft black.

6.If you’ve gone naturally gray

If you want to make your style looks youthful and nourished you should add metallic silvery tones that will lift the color by reflecting light. Whether your hair is naturally gray or colored, ask your stylist to add a few pearlescent highlights around the face or opt for a steel shade all over to add loads of shine to the hair.