How Sniffing Rosemary Can Improve Memory By 75%

All of us were heard something about rosemary and its usage in the kitchen. But do you know that it is also used as a herbal medicine ? Rosemary is called the herb of remembrance even from the Elizabethan Era to the Early Romantic Period.Also rosemary was used from the people to protect them from nightmares. They put the herb underneath their pillowcases.

Recent study was showed that eucalyptol that was found in the aroma of the herb can enhance ones memory. The eucalyptol also plays an important role in the development of memories in animal models.

Also, there was a study where groups of people were given rosemary essential oil. 66 participants were randomly assigned to two rooms. First group were smelled the rosemary, the second group not. The results were remarkable: people had 60 to 75% chances of remembering things, compared with people who were not given rosemary essential oil!

The oil from the rosemary enhances memory as its aroma contains terpenes, a primary component of essential oils. This enables the components of rosemary to enter the bloodstream then it travels to the brain and act on memory systems.

How To Use Rosemary

There are many different ways to start boosting memory with rosemary. You should place three to four drops of rosemary essential oil on a tissue and enjoy as the smell wafts through the air.

So, if you want boosting your memory use herbal medicines which are all natural. It means that you should avoid memory enhancing products because they have a lot of side effects.

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