Homemade Herbal Hair Shampoo – Get Long Hair, Thick Hair, Shiny Hair, Healthy Hair at Home


with dry hair, tiny hair etc.All of these problems are aesthetic but they affects the self-confidence to those people.

There are so many reasons that can cause these problem. For instance stress can cause a hormonal imbalance and will lead to excessive hair loss.Most people who deal with these problems spend a lot of money on different treatments and hair products which at the end are not effective at all.

If you have same problem, don’t worry because we will provide you with the best homemade shampoo which will definitely solve your problems.

Now we are sharing with you one recipe for homemade herbal hair shampoo which will help to you to get long hair,thick hair,shiny hair and healthy hair.


2 tbsp fenugreek seeds
1/2 cup dry amla
1/2 cup dry shikakai
8-10 reeths
3-4 cups of water

How to prepare:

First you should take 2 tbsp fenugreek seeds in a bowl. Then add in a bowl 1/2 cup dry amla,1/2 cup dry shikakai,8-10 reeths and 3-4 cups of water. Leave it overnight.

Next morning you should put this water on flame and boil it well for 5 minutes.When is done turn off the flame and let it cool.Filter this water and your shampoo is ready to use.Put this mixture in spray bottle and spray it all over your scalp and along hair.Then massage your scalp for few minutes and cover your hair for 20 minutes. After that wash your hair with plain water.


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