Her House Always Has a Fresh and Nice Smell. People Didn’t Know Why. This Is the Secret

In this article we will show amazing method which is so effective and so simple. If you want nice smelling room you are on the right place.

This spray is simple and easy to make. Moreover, it is natural and it doesn’t contain toxins and chemicals.


¼ cup detergent spheres
2 cups water
4 tbsp baking soda


First you should put the soap spheres in one bucket and add the 4 tbsp baking soda. Then add 2 cups boiling water and mix in. After 30 min, this will be dissolved. If you see the soda is not mixed well, you can add a drop alcohol and mix it again. When it is done put it in a spray bottle. Use this mix to spray it on things like sofas, dressers, fabrics, drains, carpets.

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