Groundbreaking Gene Therapy Treatment Cures Terminal Cancer Patients


Do you believe that this groundbreaking gene therapy has done the impossible.  I can’t believe it could cure terminal cancer patients.

This amazing gene therapy is called CAR-T cell therapy and it has been able to cure terminal cancer patients in clinical trials. A groundbreaking gene therapy treatment filters a patient’s blood in order to remove key immune system cells, cuts the brakes, and boosts the patient’s immune cells so that they can attack the cancer cells much more effectively.

Kite Pharma was sponsored one clinical research and in the first 6 months, it was found that more than one-third of extremely sick lymphoma patients confirmed no sign of disease after having a single CAR-T cell therapy treatment.

Dr. Frederick L. Locke, co-leader of the study says that:
“The numbers are fantastic. These are heavily treated patients who have no other options. The ZUMA-1 study results suggest that axicabtagene ciloleucel could become a new standard of care for patients with refractory aggressive lymphoma.”

Looks like Kite Farm knocking against Novartis AG in order to obtain approval for the first therapy treatment genes in America is something that comes without risk.

Patients in the study are sick of one of the three types of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. This is a blood cancer that affects 13,600 patients in the UK, and failed all other treatments. Most patients with such advanced state lives just six months, or half of the trial group were still alive nine months from the start of the trial, and the third can be cured.

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A 43 years old man Orlando, who warned his case the deterioration after chemotherapy stopped working, it is now in complete remission after going through therapy in August last year.

After learning that his cancer was terminal probably said: “I thought I’d say this to my mother, my wife, my children,” he said.

After AUTO-T therapy is video his tumors “shrink like ice cubes” and is now in complete remission.

However there are still concerns that the treatment has significant side effects, and can even kill some patients, as it puts the immune system into a state of over-drive. During the trial two people died from the therapy, rather than their cancer.

Marilynn Marchione chief medical writer at The Associated Press made a note that:

“Of the study participants, 13% developed a dangerous condition where the immune system overreacts in fighting cancer, but that rate is lower than in some other tests of CAR-T therapy. The rate fell during the study as doctors got better at detecting and treating it sooner.”

Full results will be presented at the American Association for Cancer Research conference in April. There we will know a lot more about this treatment and the possibilities it will hold. Do you think the benefits will outweigh the risks?