Doctors Urgin People Over 40 To Stop Taking Ibuprofen Immediately – Here’s Why !!


Do you are part of people who take a ibuprofen always when have a headache or back soreness ? We believe this is true.

Which of us would not like the pain in the head stops immediately after taking the tablets?
But is it really safe?

Doctors are warning their patients to not use ibuprofen because it has adverse effects on their health.In 2005, the FDA issues a warning stating that Ibuprofen can significantly increase your chances of getting heart disease! They say that even with short term use, a persons heart attack and stroke risk increases significantly.

The FDA also said:

  • Even with short term use, one’s heart attack and stroke risk increase significantly.
  • This risk increases the longer one continues to use ibuprofen.
  • These risks make ibuprofen especially dangerous to individuals over 40 – the age at which one’s risk of heart disease begins to skyrocket.

    Here is natural ingredient that can help relieve the pain.
    Enter Turmeric

    Turmeric naturally blocks inflammatory cytokines and enzymes. And that is the most important,because while drugs like ibuprofen simply work to reduce inflammation, turmeric prevents it. For some conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis, it works much better than pharmaceuticals.


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