CNN Warns: Stop Eating This Type Of Food Because Dangerous Worms May Appear Inside Your Body


A lot of food that we consume every day are dangerous for our health. They are not aware that eating meats such as pork and beef can contain a specific type of worm that can seriously affect their health.

If the worms enter in your body, they can move throughout your eyes, your tissues, and even in your brain. Just the thought of having these worms inside your body is a very scary thing, but all of this can actually happen.

According to the team of doctors in Addenbrookes Hospital at Cambridge, a patient came to the hospital complaining of severe headaches. This patient had other symptoms such as weakness and seizures and the doctors asked him has he been traveling lately and the patient answered that he had been in South Korea, China, Japan and Thailand recently.

The parasite is known as Spirometra Erinaceieuropaei.

Along with headaches, the patient also experienced seizures and weakness which are symptoms caused by the parasites.

After he was diagnosed with an infection sparganosis, the doctors quickly remove the worms with operation because this is the only way to cure this infection.

Everyone of us can get infected by these tapeworms in two ways:

  • First one is with contact with swine or human feces;
  • Second one is through contact with swine or human feces.


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