Chemotherapy will kill you before cancer even could !


Statistic says: When worse comes to worst, three in four physicians would readily refuse chemotherapy for themselves.

Do you know why? Because chemotherapy is so dangerous. It will kill you before cancer even could. It wipes out your immune system and leaving you vulnerable to ordinary viruses and bacteria that normally would not even cause an infection.
A usually cold weather could cause pneumonia and death, thanks to the poisonous effects of chemo on your white blood cells.

Do you ever ask yourself why is it too hard to come to statistics on chemo deaths? Because hospitals and oncologists always chalk the cause of death up to “cancer.” Even if the actual cause of death is infection aggravated by a severely weakened immune system, the medical culprit would still officially be the “cancer spread.” Our immune system becomes so weak after doses of toxic chemotherapy that the very sheets of your bed could contain the pathogens that would ultimately cause your death.

Chemo will kill – but there are other ways

Cancer treatments Western medicine pushes onto us also reveal another disturbing fact – many people who are fighting cancer don’t really have cancer in the first place.
Do you believe that doctors, oncologists and x-ray technicians misread lab results to force people into getting harmful chemotherapy, radiation or surgery – just to enriching the billion-dollar cancer machine?

Fortunately, there are ways to treat cancer naturally such as hemp seed oil, organic raw coconut oil, reishi mushrooms, chaga mushrooms, cannabis sativa, aloe and fluoride-free spring water can all help. But, these information doctors will never tell you because it obviously won’t bring them the cash.

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Nowadays, cancer is America’s leading cause of death for people under 85. Statistic says: approximately 40% of both men and women will be diagnosed with some form of cancer within their lifetime. Thirteen million Americans are currently diagnosed with cancer, and 66% of those diagnosed survive after five years, which would already make them a “cancer survivor” even if they drop dead the very next day.

Chemo overdose is a real thing, and it kills people. Please think well about your choice because although natural treatments are suppressed by Big Pharma it does not mean they do not heal.

And remember: Your health will always be in your arm.