Boy ‘slowly turning into STONE’ suffers from devastating skin condition that freezes his body

11-year-old Ramesh, from Baglung, Nepal, suffers from Ichthyosis which leaves dry, scaly skin all over his body.He has a rare and debilitating condition which means hard, flaky scales cover his body and make daily life almost impossible.

The symptoms of Ichthyosis started to display when the boy was few weeks old.

Unfortunately, he has been left unable to walk or speak due to the extremely rare condition which has frozen his body and limbs into twisted shapes.
Mr.Nanda, boy’s father, explained how other children run away from him as his appearance scares them.

Ramesh’s mom Nar isn’t able to work. She has to spend all day caring for him and said he is only able to communicate when he wants the toilet or needs feeding.

Nanda told: “His skin started peeling off 15 days after he was born and then new skin began to grow very thick.It hardened and turned black, we had no idea what to do about it. No one helped us.’Our son’s skin shed like a snake’ – Four-year-old’s agonizing ordeal with a deadly infection.He is only able to inform us when he’s hungry or wants to use the toilet. He used to sit and cry but we didn’t know what was hurting him or how to help him.
Any young child would see him and run away crying. It was hard for him and us to watch.”

Ichthyosis is a long-term condition that results in hard ‘fish scales’ forming on the skin and is caused by a faulty gene passed down from parents.

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Unfortunately, there is no cure for this weird disease but it can be managed by daily skincare and other medications.

Ramesh’s family were unable to afford medical care on Nanda’s 7,000 rupees (£44) a month salary.

Luckily, he has found fresh hope thanks to help from Brit singer Joss Stone, who has raised much-needed funds for his medical treatment.

The boy now receiving treatment at Kathmandu Medical Centre, where things are looking up for the youngster.

Dr. Sabina Bhattrai, assistant dermatology professor, told the Mail: “He was in a really bad state when he was admitted. We had to remove the scales from his body and it was painful.Over a period of two weeks, we gave him antibiotics to avoid infections and applied drugs and moisturizer on his body to remove the dead skin.”