Apparently If You Blow Air On Your Thumb, THIS Happens To Your Body !

There are several tricks involving parts of your body which you can use to distract your body from a painful area. For example your thumb is connected to the lungs and heart. If you struggle to breathe when you are anxious or under pressure, blow on this finger and your body will calm down because of this deception.

Here are some ways to calm the pain by simply using your thumb or other parts of your body:

Calm your nerves

If you want to calm your nerves, you just blow on your thumb. It acts on the vagus nerve. It regulates the heart rate, and can be controlled by respiration.Also it is connected to the lungs, stomach, larynx, heart, pharynx, upper part of the esophagus, intestine and part of the external auditory canal.

Prevent Scarring From Burns

Usually, all of us when we get burned, use ice or toothpaste. But the more effective method is to press the flesh of your thumb against the affected area. Then our skin will return to our body temperature more slowly, reducing the risk of seeing blisters or scarring. The skin will heal naturally and quickly return to its original state.

Prepare for a blood test

Do you a part of people who have a needle phobia and are terrorized by the idea of seeing one. If you are one of them you should cough slightly during the introduction of the instrument of torture in your arms. Research says that coughing causes a temporary increase in pressure in the spinal canal and chest, which will result in inhibition of the structures of the driver of the pain in the spinal cord.

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Relieve pain and discomfort caused by soar throat

Hot soup or tea with honey are not the only tricks that you use when you have pain caused by soar throat. There is so much simpler way to get rid of this tickling sensation in the throat. Dr. Scott Schaffer,said that the secret to permanently relieve your throat is scratching the ear!

He says that when you stimulate the nerves in your ears, it creates a reflex in the throat that can cause muscle spasms.

Soothe pain caused by toothache

There is a simple and effective technique to relieve your pain caused by toothache. You should put an ice cube in the palm of your hand and squeeze it with your thumb and forefinger. In this area have a full of nerve connections between the arm and the face and it will send signals to the brain that the pain has subsided.