9 Exercises For A Flat Stomach That Only Take 10 Minutes Of Your Day (Video)


Flat Stomach

Flat Stomach

Every woman dreamed of the shaped and perfect body. If you want to to achieve it, you should add the regular exercising and the proper nutrition on your daily routine . In this article we are going to share with you 9 exercises that are going to help you to get flat and toned stomach and that is one step closer to the perfect body figure, right?

For performing these powerful exercises you need just 10 minute a day.

So, let’s see the exercises!

1. The Roll
This is the easiest exercise and yet it’s efficient.
How to perform?
First you should lie down on a mat on the back and then bring your legs straight up to the ceiling. after that, place your hands on the sides and to start bringing the legs down towards the ground. While doing this you must not touch the floor. Then, bring the knees back into your chest and go up again. You should repeat these steps for about 30 seconds and then make a break.

2. Windmills
Remain in an indistinguishable position from the past exercise with your legs up. In any case, this time you are running with your legs to the side. Drop your legs to the other side as close to the ground as you can without touching it.. Repeat this exercise for about 30 seconds and alternate the sides.

3.Starfish Crunch
For this exercise you have to continue laying on the floor and place the legs and arms apart, above the head. Then touch the opposite foot with the opposite hand – alternating. You need repeat this for about 30 seconds.

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4. Mountain Climbers
Put your hands on the ground and then bring your body up on your toes. You should be sure that the spine forms straight line from head to toe. After that, bring the knees into the chest and alternate the legs for 30 seconds.

5. Russian Twists

For this exercise you should be in a sitting possition and bring your abdominal area to around 45 degrees starting from the earliest stage. Your legs can be either on the ground or you can bring them up, contingent upon the level of trouble you need.

You should begin bending your abdominal area by conveying your both hands to the sides. Keep your eyes staring you in the face constantly and relax. This activity is awesome for your side abs. Do this exercise for 30 seconds.

6. Spiderman Planks

Your body should be in the push up position and lift one leg to the favor your knee twisted to 90 degrees edge. Ensure your back is straight and hold your body in that position for 15 seconds.

Hold the stomach in and switch legs. Hold again for 15 seconds and breathe in and breathe out amid the entire exercise.

7. Single Leg Drops

For this exercise you should lie on your back and spread your arms to the sides. Lift your legs up to the roof and begin dropping down one leg and after that the other.

Your legs ought to be straight and developed constantly. When you cut them down ensure they are not touching the ground. This exercise actuates your lower abs. Do it for 30 seconds.

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8. Twofold Leg Circles

You should lie on your back with your legs straight up to the roof. Begin doing circles to the correct side for 30 seconds and then rehash the activity by doing circles to one side. Make sure that you continue breathing amid the entire exercise.

9. Flutter Kicks
And for the last exercise you should lying on your back. First bring the legs up and start kicking the air with them. Do this exercise for around 1 minute. Make sure that you inhale and exhale deeply.