5 Chair Exercises That Will Reduce Your Belly Fat While You Sit!

Chair Exercise

Chair Exercise

If you are a person with a desk job you should definitely try the following chair exercises, as they can help you get in shape while sitting!

A lot of researches were showed that average American has only 4 hours of free time a day, and most of them are being spent in front of a TV or scrolling down on Facebook, and while doing that again in a sitting position.

What’s more, the average American mother has 36 minutes of free time every day!

So, these chair exercises will be of great help especially if you belong to the above-mentioned groups. Also, a lot of people used excuses of not having enough time, now this will change as these exercises are performed while sitting and can be done right at home.

Denise Austin, the fitness trainer, reveals 5 simple exercises to target busy women and workaholics.

Note: If you want to achieve optimal results, you should perform these exercises on a regular basis, and practice a healthy and balanced diet.

You just need at least for an hour daily to exercise and get the body you dream of.

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