3 meals a day is ideal to take care of your hair


one) a cup of milk added to natural vitamins

Two) eggs Poached

Three) a large slice of bread

Four) the trouble of vegetable

five) a grain of citrus fruit

Food items:
one) the authority dish made up of dark-coloured vegetables as Jerir, spinach, broccoli, thyme, lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes, with the addition of 5 grains of walnuts and a teaspoon of flax seed oil.

two) 10 parts of beef liver, grilled with a little oil.

Three) 3 grains of baked potatoes.

Snack: A cup of fruit salad made up of strawberries, bananas, apples, kiwi, oranges, almonds and pine.

one) the authority dish made up of vegetables darker with the addition of a teaspoon of flax seed oil.

two) cups of pasta + sauce purple + medium-sized piece of grilled meat, and vegetables beside boiled or roast as Asparagus

, carrots and mushrooms.

Snack: 3 drugs Islands minimize into thin slices + little lemon juice.

Must drink 6 to 8 eyeglasses of drinking water a day.

One very last tip: The solution of healthy hair to target on dealing with proteins, grains and vegetables.

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