103 Year Old Japanese Doctor Reveals the Secret to Long and Healthy Life


In this article we will talk about the oldest doctor in Japan,Shigeaki Hinohara. He has 103 years and he claims that his healthy lifestyle is the secret of his long life span.

The fact is that he is 103 years old but he looks much younger, and his body weight (60 kilos) hasn’t changed for many years. According to him, the key for healthier and long life, above all, is food.

His principles are:

Food is the most important

He has the same breakfast every morning. He eat one banana and a glass of fruit juice combined with a tablespoon of olive oil, or a glass of milk with lentil powder. He says that olive oil has a number of health benefits and is especially beneficial for your cardiovascular system and skin.

For lunch he drinks a glass of milk along with 2-3 biscuits.

His dinner includes of fruits, a little bit fish with rice, and 90 grams of fat meat two times in a week.


Japanese doctor thinks that energy comes to humans when they feel good. Not when they eat or sleep too much. For example, when small children are quite excited they are forgetting all about sleep and food. Also, he says that when people enjoy their job and also have healthy relationships with their friends and family, they feel complete and do not have the need to follow strict diet rules or sleeping hours.

Live fast and have positive thoughts about the future

The doctor recommended active life. He considered that a busy lifestyle is in fact very beneficial since it keeps you active in life.Also, he recommends that you should not retire early, at least not before you are 65.

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